Donald Trump And The Apprentice Rules Applied To Dating

Donald Trump is not just the President of the United States. He is also a successful businessman. In his reality show called the apprentice, he shared several rules for business. These “Apprentice Rules” are gold for the corporate world, as they are for dating.

A Brief Summary About Donald Trump

Donald Trump And Dating Apprentice Rules


Everybody knows about Donald Trump, but if you don’t, you will soon find out about him. Trump was famous long before he was a politician. He is a well-known business owner who has made a fortune in the real estate market. He started with family capital, but he multiplied the fortune, and even lost it more than once.

Donald Trump also likes to catch the public attention. He has been involved in the show business. One of the shows he personally participated was a reality series from NBC called the Apprentice. This TV show inspired us to write this article. In every episode, he teaches a lesson on how to make it big in the corporate world. His lessons revolve around leading and standing out. Failing is also an important lesson he teaches to his apprentices, but failing with style. The overall objective is to avoid being fired from the show.

In the end, the winning player gets a real job to work side by side with Mr. Trump. The show consists on a series of tasks in a competition. At the end of each chapter, the apprentices are evaluated, and one of them is fired. Next, we will analyze some of the directives and rules from the show and their application to dating.

Winning Is Everything

Winning Dating Game


This phrase is a sort of directive for Donald Trump. To win, the first step is to think as the winner. That sort of thinking gives you confidence. When we think of it in the romantic plane, then it makes sense that the confident person is the one who gets the girl.

The secret is to think as if you had won already. That way your attitude towards a given situation will be different than if you see the obstacles. The winner feeling is enough to give you a competitive advantage. When you want to conquer a woman, thinking as the winner will make a difference too.

Stop Your Impulses

Resisting your initial impulses is a valuable lesson Mr. Trump taught it at the beginning of the game. In the apprentice, every player who wined that week would get a wild card to avoid being fired. This wildcard could be played anytime during the game.

Bradford was the player who won the first week and got the wild card. He had true chances of moving forward in the game. However, it was a matter of overconfidence and an impulsive attitude that got him out of the game. The second week, he lost. But despite the fact that he had lost, Mr. Trump seemed to be fond of him.

While everybody was at the boardroom, Bradford made an offer out of overconfidence but most of all, out of an impulse. He offered his wildcard for a teammate because he was confident that he had done a good job. It was his end because Mr. Trump took his offer for granted and then fired him for following his first impulse.

The problem with impulses is that you lose focus on the other person. That was what happened during the meeting at the boardroom, and that is what happens in dates in real life. There is nowhere to go when one person is impulsive, and the other is not corresponding, the relationship ends.

Be A Strong Leader

Be A Strong Leader

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Leadership is an important component in business, as it is on a date. The 11th episode was about leadership. All apprentices were handed a challenge, consisting on being followed by their team blindly. The approaches were diverse. Some used a self-given power, while others used their manipulation skills. A few of the contenders could not handle the challenge.

In the end of this challenge, two players were fired. One lost focus, while the other was banned as a know-it-all boss. Neither of these mistakes were forgiven by Mr. Trump, and both are also terrible mistakes when dating. A girl will act like Mr. Trump if you act as a weak leader, firing you in the act.

To be a strong leader means that you should not hesitate. A good leader keeps his team members engaged at all times. It is a matter of following you anywhere, and no matter what. If you take this to the dating grounds, you should lead your couple. By becoming the leader, you are going to engage her and she will follow you. Her interest will give you the chance to move forward.

Promote Your Team’s Confidence

The two last players got there by promoting their team’s confidence. Throughout the show, they showed that they can inspire people and gain their respect. It was a combination of choosing the right team members and actually inspiring them. A successful business relationship will come when you respect your team members.

In the last chapter, Kelly and Jennifer were given the opportunity to test their leadership again. Their final project consisted on choosing as part of their respective teams some former players that were fired in previous chapters. They picked the ones they trusted, but that was not enough for one of them. The winning leader was the one who could promote her team’s confidence.

Kelly held more responsibility to her team than the one she got. She expected more than Jennifer, who took more responsibility for herself. As a result, Kelly’s team did a better job, and she won. The confidence she transferred along with the responsibility was the key ingredient for her success.

This experience can be translated to a relationship. If you trust the other one to work with you, they will sense that confidence. That will get better results than trying to take the whole world over your shoulders.

Be Cautious Of What You Say

The apprentice taught us to be cautious with what you say. If you say more than you should or the wrong things, it can be harmful for your company. Jennifer gave us plenty of examples during the boardroom meetings. She talked at times when she should listen. Eventually, that attitude had her fired.

Ironically, the apprentice had consequences for her real life. She said something that was aired and as a consequence she lost her real life job.

When you are dating, you should listen more than you talk. Say what is important, not what you think the other person would like you to say. When you are playing the game of seduction, beware of making negative comments. Playing the fool may also act against you. The ground rule is to be cautious of what you say, just as in business.

Having Exceptional Skills For An Interview

When the reality show was coming to an end, having exceptional skills for an interview made the difference. The 4 last players passed through a series of interviews during the 14th episode. They were conducted by business leaders like Mr. Trump.

The round of interviews was revealing. Only 2 of the 4 players were able to stand in their feet. They endured and even surprised their counterparts. In the end, we can say that they had exceptional communication skills.

Thinking of a date as a sort of interview, this advice can be of most use. If you can go along easily and express your thoughts and your feelings, you have an important ground covered. If you can say what you think, and improvise easily, you will get the best results. Your rapport will improve, and you will get a deep connection with her.

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