Be A Mr. Romantic

Mr. Romantic ManBeing a man and being called a romantic man are different things. Some do not like that tag because they believe it makes them look or sound feminine or weak. But this is not right. The fact that you love taking care of your woman should be praised rather than talked down on and the man made to feel less of a man because of this.

You can act all macho during the day, clear the basement, take a look at the engine of the car, do all the heavy lifting and yet at the end of the day, it may be the simple act of cooking an impromptu dinner for your love that will bring that spark to her eyes and make her look at you and thank you with her eyes first before her lips form those words. The enjoyment that follows you pampering your love can outweigh all the negative remarks that have come to be associated with calling men “romantic”.

Being a romantic does not necessarily require any big gesture; sometimes it’s the small things that count and the ones your love will notice and appreciate you for. Buying her flowers may be thoughtful on your own part but aren’t we tired of all those types of romantic gestures already. Flying her to the most expensive restaurant in the world too might be amazing but again, it’s sometimes the small things like a glance loaded with innuendo, that quick touch on her back that makes her appreciative. This is not saying that you shouldn’t buy her flowers or fly her to amazing places, but you have to mix things up. It’s not enough to do big things; any man can do that, but being a romantic means you have to take note of the small things too and do them because most times, they are the ones that really give you pass marks with the love of your life.

Since you know what she likes, it should be easy to think around the things she loves to do and where she’ll like to go. For instance, you can take her shopping, and by this I don’t mean you should give her money to go shopping. You have to be there and smile throughout. Don’t go there and be complaining about time. Don’t go there and sit still like you are there against your will (even if that’s the truth), look cheerful and happy and make sure she enjoys herself and you can be sure she’ll know it that you’re the perfect romantic and your relationship will be the better for it.

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