13 Types Of Girls That You Should Avoid

Basic Things That Most Of Us Don’t Know About Girls

types of girls to avoid

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There are several types of girls in this world, by types I meant their character and personality. When it comes down to beautiful and attractive girls, most of us get knocked down due to this attraction. Including girls too, when they see another girl who is really beautiful, and physically attractive they tend to be jealous, whereas there are other girls who would complement this beauty. Talking of types to avoid, these are the 13 types namely and will be briefed below.

  1. The Flirt
  2. The controller
  3. Dragger
  4. Romantic
  5. The talkative
  6. Elusive
  7. Yet Childish
  8. Uptown swagger
  9. The Stupid one
  10. The In-secured
  11. Angry-bird
  12. The Desperado
  13. Materialistic

These are the types of girl, that you should first know in brief which would later teach you that you should be avoiding these girls instead of being attracted to them, otherwise you are going to end up with a life-long broken and shattered heart!

flirt girl1) The Flirt

This is the type of girl, who flirts with you achieve anything, especially from men. Men who works and dress good are the main targets of these girls. First they talk to you like they are all charming and as if they are no gold digger, but in a few weeks, months, or maybe even years of knowing you, they’d begin to flirt with you and ask for certain things that attract them. They would be like really close to you and say “I saw this handbag but it’s a shame I can’t afford one, I wish I had it”. Then, you of course the all working and handy one, would fall for this and begin to purchase and present it to her as a gift, Wola! Her target is now achieved.

The Controller girl2) The Controller

It is good to have someone to control you whenever you are going off roads, but that isn’t what these girls are. These girls tend to control your lives, because their lives had no chances of freedom or happiness like yours. So they control you and make you live a life like what they live, mostly this is because of their own lack of happiness and of course because they were controlled by maybe their friends or family and was unable to achieve anything in life as they wished. However, they get used to this feeling and eventually feel like controlling others is the best thing to do in order to give them a better life. Yet there are some girls who control you, for their own selfish feelings. In order to only make you spend time with them, spend money only for them, and not for your others like your parents or friends. However this type of a controller is bad for you, as well as for everyone else around you.

3) Dragger

Dragger girl

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Oh, draggers. One of the worst types ever. They tend to never get happy no matter what happens in your life. Even if you tell her that you got a job in such a high ranked company, she would just drag talking about it and change your mind as if it is the worst thing ever. They always believe that good things would only happen to them, and it would not, and should not happen to others, even to their loved ones. So beware of these girls.

4) RomanticRomantic girl

Image By : http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.comThis indeed is the type of girls who attract men the most. They are very romantic and old fashioned. Tend to attract men by words, and physical attraction, as known every men loves physical attraction so it’s obvious that they would fall for it. Just like in the movies, that’s how they live. They have great levels of dreaming and a great mind of imagination. Expectation of movies, is how they live their entire lives. They believe life is easy like in the movies, a prince charm would come along, grab her hand, rescue her and give her a life of a princess. Well, all of those girls who knows very well about life, knows that basically after marriage our lives are in the kitchen, or dropping kids at school and picking them up. This is not fairy tale, this is reality.

The Talkative girl5) The Talkative

This one tends to talk their way through to achieve what they want or need. They have answers for everything, even if it’s a lie they still have answers for it. They talk and talk and they success in somewhat we call it “Brain washing”. They seem to be the perfect one for you, since all the ideas in your mind have turned into theirs. However in time you when you come back to your own thinking, you would know that you have just lost an amazing life because of these fake words that took you to a world of nothing but pure lie.

6) Elusive Types

Elusive Types girl

Image By: vimeo.com

These are types of girls who are afraid about almost everything, especially to begin a relationship. They tend to have a painful past which has hurt them at the very best, however they are not stable. They are also very confusing, since they just seem to run away when the tiniest thing goes wrong. Yes, these girls are that very afraid of getting hurt again. Sending you different types of messages according to their moods which would leave you with nothing but a blank mind as to what has really happened. Being with them would only make you stress about life far worse than it could be.

7) Yet Childish

Childish Girl

Image By: pixabay.com

The most sensitive of all, very childish. They seem to never grow up, mentally that is. They always imagine themselves as a baby, who people should never hurt or say something that they do not want to hear, even if it is the truth. Just like how we pamper babies when they do something wrong, these girls expect the same. Even if they do something that is terribly wrong they expect their loved ones to pamper them, and no one should say anything to prove them wrong. This indeed is one tough case to deal with. Especially if in relationship, because they would never listen to you, they live in their own mind of freedom and a child-like life.

Uptown Swagger girl8) Uptown Swagger

The uptown swagger, they are girls who were given the center of attention as they grew up. Tends to be very rich and attractive. However, very selfish too. They only date the best that they find, and always focus on themselves. She would ditch you the very next second that you begin to be lower than her standards. Very bossy, can complicate your lives to the very edge of it. Best thing to do would be to avoid them.


9) The stupid one

The stupid one girl

image By :http://freegreatpicture.com

When its love, or even relationship, there are many around us who are waiting to break it. These type of girls are the worse to date. The reason why I say this is because they believe everyone. Someone tells them bad about you, and the next second you are dumped. No matter how much you do to them, or how much you truly love them, they would always believe others over you. This could be the worst case scenario in one’s life. What’s the point wasting all your efforts over a girl who would pick others words over yours?

10) The In-secured

the insecured girl

Image By: flickr.com

They are the type of girls who would never feel safe or happy no matter what you do to them. Their feeling of being in-secured forever lives. In fact not only for them, they are very insecure about others too. They treat their loved ones very well, however if you do not tell her that she looks beautiful or whatever she does is done greatly, then she will be filled with a mind full of frustration. They can never be satisfied.

11) Angry-bird

angry birds girl

Image By: pixabay.com

Full of negative energy. They always get angry, and cannot control themselves at certain points of life. Their anger could lead to any type of problems. It can be very serious at times, even as they lose control they would try to hurt the one who made them angry, by hurt I don’t mean mentally, but physically. If you date one of these angry-birds then its best you learn to keep calm, and do what they say so that you don’t make them angry. Otherwise it’s best to just avoid and look for someone who would suit you.

12) The Desperado

The Desperado girl

Image By: https://commons.wikimedia.org

These are the desperate girls. They are desperate about everything. Desperate for a kiss, for a hug, for sleep, or even to eat. Over everything, they are very desperate to know about what you or others are doing. They want to know everything, almost like they just do everything that they can to be the center of attention. They would give anything to get that spotlight.

Materialistic Girl13) Materialistic

They are very beautiful and very well dressed and attractive to look, however when you learn to know their character you would realize that they are nothing but gold diggers. Almost everything that they wear or have are by fooling other men and making them buy whatever they want and then dumping. They just want someone to buy them whatever they ask for so that they can look beautiful, if you fail to do one of this, they would just throw you away like you are a tissue paper. Use and throw.

These are the 13 types of girls in brief. I hope you all know how to keep yourselves safe, and from whom to be safe. There are plenty of nice girls out there, but they may not be as attractive as you expect, but hey, in time skin would turn to be ugly even if it’s ravishing and beautiful now, but ones character that is beautiful would live forever and would make you happy always. Without flesh, we are all just bone and blood, but with character and personality that’s where the soul looks beautiful no matter how the outside may appeal. Make good choices everyone.

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