Dating Guide for Single Dads

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It’s very common to overhear recently divorced parents talk about being super busy as reason why they haven’t tried dating again. The real reason though, is that most of them are afraid. They probably had it really bad in their last marriage and maybe the divorce was even worse; gruesome and energy-sapping. So, now they’re trying to take it cool, to not put themselves out there again for fear that they could suffer rejecting or that things could get even worse than it did in their last marriage.

For most, even if they eventually meet a new person and start to date, it’ll probably be for the wrong reasons. For some, it may be to compete with their ex. They don’t want to be seen as the loser who couldn’t get back in the game. So they get themselves a younger person that they may really not feel any connection with, and flaunt that person in front of their ex so that it will allay their feelings of being left or cheated on, and to make them feel wanted again. If there’s any advice to give at this point, it will be that you should never date to get back at your ex, or to exact some form of emotional revenge from them.

After a divorce, then comes the race to change your lifestyle and look to show your ex that you’ve moved on. The newly-divorced try to prove that life is continuing for them by changing partners every week or month while refusing to commit or give of themselves to any of those partners. The partners are to make their ex jealous; any other thing to them is not acceptable.

But the thing with this is that after a while of chasing other women, of drinking themselves to stupor, of waking up in bed with a different woman every night, single dads, especially the ones that win the custody war for the children or child during that nasty divorce, start to feel the need for a permanent female presence in their lives and that of their children.

For single dads that are really ready to get back out there, there are steps to follow to meet the right person.

  • When you meet this new date, do not focus on your past relationship that failed or attempt to paint your ex black; it’s a turnoff.
  • Be sure your kids are okay with this and whoever the date is.
  • While it is not a must, but dating a woman that has a kid already may help. That way, she understands your devotion to your children and does not attempt to sabotage it.
  • When there’s a conflict between your children and your new partner, do not take sides; try to be balanced.
  • Do not choose to move to the next stage with a person simply because they got on well with your child; you matter too and while your children may be a priority, you are not hiring a nanny, you are getting a partner that you have to be sure is compatible with you too.

Be A Mr. Romantic

Mr. Romantic ManBeing a man and being called a romantic man are different things. Some do not like that tag because they believe it makes them look or sound feminine or weak. But this is not right. The fact that you love taking care of your woman should be praised rather than talked down on and the man made to feel less of a man because of this.

You can act all macho during the day, clear the basement, take a look at the engine of the car, do all the heavy lifting and yet at the end of the day, it may be the simple act of cooking an impromptu dinner for your love that will bring that spark to her eyes and make her look at you and thank you with her eyes first before her lips form those words. The enjoyment that follows you pampering your love can outweigh all the negative remarks that have come to be associated with calling men “romantic”.

Being a romantic does not necessarily require any big gesture; sometimes it’s the small things that count and the ones your love will notice and appreciate you for. Buying her flowers may be thoughtful on your own part but aren’t we tired of all those types of romantic gestures already. Flying her to the most expensive restaurant in the world too might be amazing but again, it’s sometimes the small things like a glance loaded with innuendo, that quick touch on her back that makes her appreciative. This is not saying that you shouldn’t buy her flowers or fly her to amazing places, but you have to mix things up. It’s not enough to do big things; any man can do that, but being a romantic means you have to take note of the small things too and do them because most times, they are the ones that really give you pass marks with the love of your life.

Since you know what she likes, it should be easy to think around the things she loves to do and where she’ll like to go. For instance, you can take her shopping, and by this I don’t mean you should give her money to go shopping. You have to be there and smile throughout. Don’t go there and be complaining about time. Don’t go there and sit still like you are there against your will (even if that’s the truth), look cheerful and happy and make sure she enjoys herself and you can be sure she’ll know it that you’re the perfect romantic and your relationship will be the better for it.

How To Survive From Blind Date?

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You might disagree, but blind dates top the listing of what most individuals love but hate. ‘Why’ is the only question to have, apparently, several blind date myths are destroying its reputation. This article will help you explore the myths and learn how to set up enjoyable and productive blind dates.

Blind Date Myth No. 1

You can as well spontaneously just meet someone so blind dates are ridiculous. Fact: Let’s look well, how high is the possibility of spontaneously meeting a potential date, if you work full time? Most wedded couples will confirm that they didn’t meet in college or at the club but were introduced by somebody. The faster you believe in blind dates as a tool for finding your companion, the sooner your blind date outcomes will positively change – and your ability for using them too.

Blind Date Myth No. 2

Go with your first blind date impression as it is normally correct. Fact: Blind dates are probably where they matter the least. Anybody could get a horrible day in the office, or turn nervous throughout the first date. Be sincere: Do you ever show your true colors on the first date? Well, your date also neither does that. Instead, let it be your icebreaker. Don’t decide anything based on impressions. Merely relax and get the most possible from the evening without first impressions getting in your way.

Blind Date Myth No. 3

You weren’t meant to be if you do not click instantly. Fact: Though most people anticipate instant clicks with soul mates, it is not common in reality. Instant bonds are infrequent, and develop over several meetings for most individuals. So,should you discover a few areas of common interest, or some part of the date’s character captivates you – that’s sufficient to warrant another date.

Blind Date Myth No. 4

You will never feel tangibly attracted if you didn’t earlier on. Fact: Though physical magnetism is vital for a wedding, it hardly happens instantly. A man who prefers exotic looking, tall and dark women, will certainly need one or two dates, to appreciate the looks of a blonde, petite blue-eyed woman of his blind date – no matter the depth of her beauty. The fact is that, you discover yourself recognizing a person’s physical features, when you start liking them as they are.

So, How Exactly Do You Survive?

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After treating all myths, we should now go onto some truly practical advice. Ways for surviving and even enjoying a blind date – as well as preparing the route for the second date.

1) Spend Just A Very Few Minutes Discussing Your Jobs

Your date desires to see you physically, and whether you possess the personal features of a future partner they consider vital. Flaunting the successful business director side of you will not impress such a person. They want your softer side, as a date varies greatly from a job interview.

2) Keep Light Conversation

It is very improbable that you will reveal your most kept secrets to a person you are just meeting, and aren’t sure of seeing again. And, the date isn’t there to listen while you reveal all what might be working or not in your cherished life. Sticking to the ‘airplane talk’  the type of facts you communicate with a total stranger you are sitting beside in a plane is a perfect rule of thumb here.

3) Rehearse Earlier If Small Talk Seems Difficult For You

Not everybody has the gabbing gift. If you lack it, go over probable conversation topics as a way of practicing ahead. If you are truly shy, then walk through the first meeting by role-playing with a buddy.

4) First Date Conversation Ideas

Stimulate your wanted first date dialogue – which will assist you in learning a bit of each other’s principles and thinking manner, and the foundation for conversation in subsequent dates – with these ideas. Who is the person you admire most? How does he/she motivate you? What do you consider as the most gratifying life achievement you have had so far? Have you been dreaming of anything for long? If yes, what is it? What do you treasure the most among all your possessions and why?

5) Do Not Overstretch The Date

When two people go out for the very first time, there is a boundary to the volume of conversation they can sustain. Two to two and half hours are quite perfect for the first date. This should present both partners with the opportunity of pleasantly talking in a relatively silent atmosphere; walking in a gorgeous park and having a great coffee and following that with dessert can be perfect. Men, utilize this advice anyway when, having social prospects that require you to go on an expensive evening outing. Avoid a 5-course buffet. And ensure that you will have sufficient time to discuss later, if you are attending a concert.

You have now explored all myths and obtained great advice. Use them during your next blind date and discover the great difference!

13 Types Of Girls That You Should Avoid

Basic Things That Most Of Us Don’t Know About Girls

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There are several types of girls in this world, by types I meant their character and personality. When it comes down to beautiful and attractive girls, most of us get knocked down due to this attraction. Including girls too, when they see another girl who is really beautiful, and physically attractive they tend to be jealous, whereas there are other girls who would complement this beauty. Talking of types to avoid, these are the 13 types namely and will be briefed below.

  1. The Flirt
  2. The controller
  3. Dragger
  4. Romantic
  5. The talkative
  6. Elusive
  7. Yet Childish
  8. Uptown swagger
  9. The Stupid one
  10. The In-secured
  11. Angry-bird
  12. The Desperado
  13. Materialistic

These are the types of girl, that you should first know in brief which would later teach you that you should be avoiding these girls instead of being attracted to them, otherwise you are going to end up with a life-long broken and shattered heart!

flirt girl1) The Flirt

This is the type of girl, who flirts with you achieve anything, especially from men. Men who works and dress good are the main targets of these girls. First they talk to you like they are all charming and as if they are no gold digger, but in a few weeks, months, or maybe even years of knowing you, they’d begin to flirt with you and ask for certain things that attract them. They would be like really close to you and say “I saw this handbag but it’s a shame I can’t afford one, I wish I had it”. Then, you of course the all working and handy one, would fall for this and begin to purchase and present it to her as a gift, Wola! Her target is now achieved.

The Controller girl2) The Controller

It is good to have someone to control you whenever you are going off roads, but that isn’t what these girls are. These girls tend to control your lives, because their lives had no chances of freedom or happiness like yours. So they control you and make you live a life like what they live, mostly this is because of their own lack of happiness and of course because they were controlled by maybe their friends or family and was unable to achieve anything in life as they wished. However, they get used to this feeling and eventually feel like controlling others is the best thing to do in order to give them a better life. Yet there are some girls who control you, for their own selfish feelings. In order to only make you spend time with them, spend money only for them, and not for your others like your parents or friends. However this type of a controller is bad for you, as well as for everyone else around you.

3) Dragger

Dragger girl


Oh, draggers. One of the worst types ever. They tend to never get happy no matter what happens in your life. Even if you tell her that you got a job in such a high ranked company, she would just drag talking about it and change your mind as if it is the worst thing ever. They always believe that good things would only happen to them, and it would not, and should not happen to others, even to their loved ones. So beware of these girls.

4) RomanticRomantic girl

Image By : http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.comThis indeed is the type of girls who attract men the most. They are very romantic and old fashioned. Tend to attract men by words, and physical attraction, as known every men loves physical attraction so it’s obvious that they would fall for it. Just like in the movies, that’s how they live. They have great levels of dreaming and a great mind of imagination. Expectation of movies, is how they live their entire lives. They believe life is easy like in the movies, a prince charm would come along, grab her hand, rescue her and give her a life of a princess. Well, all of those girls who knows very well about life, knows that basically after marriage our lives are in the kitchen, or dropping kids at school and picking them up. This is not fairy tale, this is reality.

The Talkative girl5) The Talkative

This one tends to talk their way through to achieve what they want or need. They have answers for everything, even if it’s a lie they still have answers for it. They talk and talk and they success in somewhat we call it “Brain washing”. They seem to be the perfect one for you, since all the ideas in your mind have turned into theirs. However in time you when you come back to your own thinking, you would know that you have just lost an amazing life because of these fake words that took you to a world of nothing but pure lie.

6) Elusive Types

Elusive Types girl

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These are types of girls who are afraid about almost everything, especially to begin a relationship. They tend to have a painful past which has hurt them at the very best, however they are not stable. They are also very confusing, since they just seem to run away when the tiniest thing goes wrong. Yes, these girls are that very afraid of getting hurt again. Sending you different types of messages according to their moods which would leave you with nothing but a blank mind as to what has really happened. Being with them would only make you stress about life far worse than it could be.

7) Yet Childish

Childish Girl

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The most sensitive of all, very childish. They seem to never grow up, mentally that is. They always imagine themselves as a baby, who people should never hurt or say something that they do not want to hear, even if it is the truth. Just like how we pamper babies when they do something wrong, these girls expect the same. Even if they do something that is terribly wrong they expect their loved ones to pamper them, and no one should say anything to prove them wrong. This indeed is one tough case to deal with. Especially if in relationship, because they would never listen to you, they live in their own mind of freedom and a child-like life.

Uptown Swagger girl8) Uptown Swagger

The uptown swagger, they are girls who were given the center of attention as they grew up. Tends to be very rich and attractive. However, very selfish too. They only date the best that they find, and always focus on themselves. She would ditch you the very next second that you begin to be lower than her standards. Very bossy, can complicate your lives to the very edge of it. Best thing to do would be to avoid them.


9) The stupid one

The stupid one girl

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When its love, or even relationship, there are many around us who are waiting to break it. These type of girls are the worse to date. The reason why I say this is because they believe everyone. Someone tells them bad about you, and the next second you are dumped. No matter how much you do to them, or how much you truly love them, they would always believe others over you. This could be the worst case scenario in one’s life. What’s the point wasting all your efforts over a girl who would pick others words over yours?

10) The In-secured

the insecured girl

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They are the type of girls who would never feel safe or happy no matter what you do to them. Their feeling of being in-secured forever lives. In fact not only for them, they are very insecure about others too. They treat their loved ones very well, however if you do not tell her that she looks beautiful or whatever she does is done greatly, then she will be filled with a mind full of frustration. They can never be satisfied.

11) Angry-bird

angry birds girl

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Full of negative energy. They always get angry, and cannot control themselves at certain points of life. Their anger could lead to any type of problems. It can be very serious at times, even as they lose control they would try to hurt the one who made them angry, by hurt I don’t mean mentally, but physically. If you date one of these angry-birds then its best you learn to keep calm, and do what they say so that you don’t make them angry. Otherwise it’s best to just avoid and look for someone who would suit you.

12) The Desperado

The Desperado girl

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These are the desperate girls. They are desperate about everything. Desperate for a kiss, for a hug, for sleep, or even to eat. Over everything, they are very desperate to know about what you or others are doing. They want to know everything, almost like they just do everything that they can to be the center of attention. They would give anything to get that spotlight.

Materialistic Girl13) Materialistic

They are very beautiful and very well dressed and attractive to look, however when you learn to know their character you would realize that they are nothing but gold diggers. Almost everything that they wear or have are by fooling other men and making them buy whatever they want and then dumping. They just want someone to buy them whatever they ask for so that they can look beautiful, if you fail to do one of this, they would just throw you away like you are a tissue paper. Use and throw.

These are the 13 types of girls in brief. I hope you all know how to keep yourselves safe, and from whom to be safe. There are plenty of nice girls out there, but they may not be as attractive as you expect, but hey, in time skin would turn to be ugly even if it’s ravishing and beautiful now, but ones character that is beautiful would live forever and would make you happy always. Without flesh, we are all just bone and blood, but with character and personality that’s where the soul looks beautiful no matter how the outside may appeal. Make good choices everyone.

How to Get Your Ex Back When She Has Dumped You

love breakup


Break ups are very disheartening, and every guy who has been dumped would want to know the secret of winning their ex-girlfriend back.

Everybody who truly loved their ex-girlfriend would wish to have their girlfriends back if they were given a chance to choose. Since a relationship is not a poker game, you need to learn and follow the following steps that will help you hopefully get your ex back.

1) Think About What Went Wrong

The first thing you need to figure out is the reason why she left you. Was it because you did or didn’t do anything?

Concentrating on the negative things should not be your focus, but you should consider them as well. Once you identify the problem, try to discern if it can be resolved. If you were too busy playing soccer with your friend during your free time, you might consider stopping it in order to have some time for her.

2) Don’t Look Desperate

Acting like you desperately need her as soon as possible ends up pushing her further away. Give her some time to think and hope that she remembers the sweet memories you shared together. After some time, your ex will start to miss those moments and subsequently miss you. This is a good start of winning her back. Don’t take things for granted. You never know the value of something until you lose it. Your temporary breakup could lead to a stronger relationship if you win her back.

3) Initiate A Conversation

Start talking to her and ignite something in her soul. I am hoping that your relationship did not end with an argument and if that’s the case then your chances of winning her back are high. You will have to work harder if your ex-girlfriend still hates you. Snoop Dogg and Shante got married in 2008 even after filing for a divorce in 2004 courtesy of communication.

4) Show Her That You’ve Changed

If you were the reason for the breakup, show her that you have changed and you are worth a second chance. Try resolving your inner and outer issues by using personal developmental tips. After proving that he had changed, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman remarried after 30 years of separation.

5) Become A Gentleman

Every woman desires to have a gentleman who treats her like a princess. Spend time with her and listen to her stories, and buy her flowers and show her that you care. Treat her like you have just met her and get to know her all over again.

If you are determined in winning her back, then you are one step ahead of your goal. The first thing you need to do is first to fix the initial problem, and all the other things will follow suit.

Dating Tips: Narration, The Female Attention Grabber

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Today I urgently need to converse with you. It is about a topic that is essential and efficient as it relates to maintaining the enthusiasm of anyone you meet, particularly ladies you may come into contact with.

This topic is simply Narration and when utilized effectively, it will make you an attractive quality with the ladies.

Before I highlight the tips and insider facts behind fruitful narration and producing an effective story I must debunk a couple of myths with regards to narrating.

Myth one: My stories should be factual and about me.

This is your decision to make. However once the discussion is fun, apply the correct narrating strategies, and ensure the discussion is moving. Once done your story does not need to be valid.

Whether the ladies trust the story or not, merely keep it fun, they will be engaged and no doubt keep running with new discussion subjects created from your narrations.

I am not urging you to fabricate stories however; the most impactful stories are factual and originated from a position of feeling.

You can be so preposterous, the unbelievable turns out to be fun to the point where she gets included and turns out to be a piece of a recently shaped reality that you both share and create.

In any case it appears that the greatest confusion is whether the stories must be valid or if they must be about the narrator.

A fundamental objective of narrating is to dynamically convey a message about yourself to the audience. Shockingly, it is simpler to pass on information about you by HOW you recount a story, not the real substance of it.

Through energetic expressions, vitality, and distinctive dialect, you can pass on to your audience your, strength, diversion, interests, and over all identity.

While applying the best possible systems of a story, you ought to have the capacity to rehash what you heard on the news in a form, to the point that specifically makes you additionally fascinating and shows your identity.

Myth Two: Improved communication with ladies leads to less reliant on narrating.

Improved communication with ladies

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This is somewhat true. This is mainly because you don’t go into communications with planned, prepared stories as once before. The narrating techniques make you less reliant on that approach.

Rather than going into a conversation with a pre-scripted story or one that is recorded and practiced, you can share information in an intriguing manner that makes individuals tune in.

This technique is amplified by applying expressions of the human experience of narrating and is the main reason learning and acing narrating is an awesome approach to enhance your aptitudes with ladies, as well as your general social abilities.

What is narrating and why is it critical?

Narrating is the immediate methods for correspondence when highlighting vital life events to the audience. Through setting, as well as through conveyance.

Narrating has a vital impact in becoming acquainted with somebody and the considerable thing about recounting a story, is that it should make such a large number of other topics to discuss and most often lead in another story.

On the off chance that you know about Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales”, you will perceive how every story is shaped by the one prior told and by who recounted the story. (Try not to stress; your stories don’t need to rhyme like these)

There are many reasons why narrating is essential and on the off chance that you are not presently using narrating then consider these facts:

Storytelling is an extraordinary approach to saving conversations

This is a distinctive problem that many males have. Dialogue may be great, then discussion begins to bite the dust and there is that cumbersome quiet. This is an awesome time to break out a story from your arms stockpile and restore the verbal interaction. Knowing you are outfitted with a story provides confidence when entering into conversation.

Having a few incredible stories on reserve for when you require them instills self-belief especially when approach a beautiful lady. You are ensured that the communication will last at any rate the length of your story.

Narrating is an incredible way to show strength

When you are recounting a story correctly, you are the focal point of consideration, and everybody waits for your next word. Capturing the consideration of the gathering through narration places you in a predominant position. It makes you the lead speaker and all others being the audience, poised to see where you take them next.

What you pass on through your stories is the way you will be recalled.

A great story is extraordinary. How frequently have you had somebody recount some insane story that one of their companions told? Stories have been passed down for a long time; it is an old custom and still exists this day. The young lady ought to have the capacity to think back on the interaction and say “Gracious no doubt, that was the guy who (did whatever intriguing action that identifies with you).”

Narration creates better social skills

This is one of the most compelling reasons why I want to ensure everyone aces narrating. Through narration you figure out how to captivate your audience. Additionally you automatically pass on your identity and it gets you used to doing such. The abilities that are produced from solid narrating specifically extend into your social identity making conversation with you additionally energizing and striking. The expressiveness you use in stories is linked to your future interactions and specifically enhances your social identity.

You can pass on things through narrating that you regularly couldn’t state.

There might be some fascinating subtle elements of your life that said outside the setting of a story may put on a show of being gloating. In any case, in a story, these little points of interest are never the subject of the story yet they are profound part of your personality.

Since you have a thought of why narrating is so compelling and what you ought to go for when recounting a story we will chip away at making your own one of a kind effective stories that can’t be disregarded. This will be expanded upon in Part II of this letter, yet there is an activity I need you to do at this moment so you can apply every one of the tips and strategies to make an astonishing story.

Practice 1: Write down somewhere in the range of seven to ten occurrences in your life that you feel changed or characterized your identity.

In the event that you have an amusing story then doesn’t hesitate to incorporate that. In any case, regardless of the possibility that the story does not appear to be major, the fact that you can recollect this event implies it has a greater impact than you understand.

These moments can be cheerful, fun, or even tragic (not discouraging) but rather we do learn through negative encounters. We will in the long run chop these down to only a few stories in Part II yet for the present I simply need you to start observing intriguing encounters throughout your life.

Thoughts: Vacations, Life/Death Experiences, a life-changing show or donning occasion, that time you succeeded, something interesting that happened with you or a companion.

Obviously, there will be individuals that say they have no intriguing stories. This is simply not reality; everybody has something intriguing that has formed their identity. Try not to be unassuming; regardless of the possibility that it’s a senseless story record it. You can’t be hesitant to share a story, at times they are difficult to consider and in the event that you truly can’t think about a past story, beginning giving careful consideration to your present life. In the event that despite everything you can’t consider one then go take an excursion, you will come back with many.

A variety of things occur in one day that individuals don’t think would be a story. Be that as it may, each past occasion being recounted is a story. There is no reason not to have one.

Practice Two: Write down no less than 5 things that you might want individuals to know about you.

This will tie into your identity transmission. Think about the things that you might want any companion or new colleague to think about you. These are the things that specifically identify with your character and makes your identity. Try not to be astonished if these things are specifically related somehow to the stories you recorded in exercise one.

Thoughts: Hobbies, Sports you play, instruments you play, your occupation, your objectives, your skills and accomplishments.

Save this list, we will utilize it a considerable measure in Part II of this letter to make some super effective stories that you can simply depend on. Additionally I will examine the narrating techniques and how to utilize them to make each story and discussion all the more intriguing.

I will do this very exercise so you will get the chance to see my story finished result too.

Until then look out for the following letter and prepare to truly take narrating to a new level.

Donald Trump And The Apprentice Rules Applied To Dating

Donald Trump is not just the President of the United States. He is also a successful businessman. In his reality show called the apprentice, he shared several rules for business. These “Apprentice Rules” are gold for the corporate world, as they are for dating.

A Brief Summary About Donald Trump

Donald Trump And Dating Apprentice Rules


Everybody knows about Donald Trump, but if you don’t, you will soon find out about him. Trump was famous long before he was a politician. He is a well-known business owner who has made a fortune in the real estate market. He started with family capital, but he multiplied the fortune, and even lost it more than once.

Donald Trump also likes to catch the public attention. He has been involved in the show business. One of the shows he personally participated was a reality series from NBC called the Apprentice. This TV show inspired us to write this article. In every episode, he teaches a lesson on how to make it big in the corporate world. His lessons revolve around leading and standing out. Failing is also an important lesson he teaches to his apprentices, but failing with style. The overall objective is to avoid being fired from the show.

In the end, the winning player gets a real job to work side by side with Mr. Trump. The show consists on a series of tasks in a competition. At the end of each chapter, the apprentices are evaluated, and one of them is fired. Next, we will analyze some of the directives and rules from the show and their application to dating.

Winning Is Everything

Winning Dating Game


This phrase is a sort of directive for Donald Trump. To win, the first step is to think as the winner. That sort of thinking gives you confidence. When we think of it in the romantic plane, then it makes sense that the confident person is the one who gets the girl.

The secret is to think as if you had won already. That way your attitude towards a given situation will be different than if you see the obstacles. The winner feeling is enough to give you a competitive advantage. When you want to conquer a woman, thinking as the winner will make a difference too.

Stop Your Impulses

Resisting your initial impulses is a valuable lesson Mr. Trump taught it at the beginning of the game. In the apprentice, every player who wined that week would get a wild card to avoid being fired. This wildcard could be played anytime during the game.

Bradford was the player who won the first week and got the wild card. He had true chances of moving forward in the game. However, it was a matter of overconfidence and an impulsive attitude that got him out of the game. The second week, he lost. But despite the fact that he had lost, Mr. Trump seemed to be fond of him.

While everybody was at the boardroom, Bradford made an offer out of overconfidence but most of all, out of an impulse. He offered his wildcard for a teammate because he was confident that he had done a good job. It was his end because Mr. Trump took his offer for granted and then fired him for following his first impulse.

The problem with impulses is that you lose focus on the other person. That was what happened during the meeting at the boardroom, and that is what happens in dates in real life. There is nowhere to go when one person is impulsive, and the other is not corresponding, the relationship ends.

Be A Strong Leader

Be A Strong Leader

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Leadership is an important component in business, as it is on a date. The 11th episode was about leadership. All apprentices were handed a challenge, consisting on being followed by their team blindly. The approaches were diverse. Some used a self-given power, while others used their manipulation skills. A few of the contenders could not handle the challenge.

In the end of this challenge, two players were fired. One lost focus, while the other was banned as a know-it-all boss. Neither of these mistakes were forgiven by Mr. Trump, and both are also terrible mistakes when dating. A girl will act like Mr. Trump if you act as a weak leader, firing you in the act.

To be a strong leader means that you should not hesitate. A good leader keeps his team members engaged at all times. It is a matter of following you anywhere, and no matter what. If you take this to the dating grounds, you should lead your couple. By becoming the leader, you are going to engage her and she will follow you. Her interest will give you the chance to move forward.

Promote Your Team’s Confidence

The two last players got there by promoting their team’s confidence. Throughout the show, they showed that they can inspire people and gain their respect. It was a combination of choosing the right team members and actually inspiring them. A successful business relationship will come when you respect your team members.

In the last chapter, Kelly and Jennifer were given the opportunity to test their leadership again. Their final project consisted on choosing as part of their respective teams some former players that were fired in previous chapters. They picked the ones they trusted, but that was not enough for one of them. The winning leader was the one who could promote her team’s confidence.

Kelly held more responsibility to her team than the one she got. She expected more than Jennifer, who took more responsibility for herself. As a result, Kelly’s team did a better job, and she won. The confidence she transferred along with the responsibility was the key ingredient for her success.

This experience can be translated to a relationship. If you trust the other one to work with you, they will sense that confidence. That will get better results than trying to take the whole world over your shoulders.

Be Cautious Of What You Say

The apprentice taught us to be cautious with what you say. If you say more than you should or the wrong things, it can be harmful for your company. Jennifer gave us plenty of examples during the boardroom meetings. She talked at times when she should listen. Eventually, that attitude had her fired.

Ironically, the apprentice had consequences for her real life. She said something that was aired and as a consequence she lost her real life job.

When you are dating, you should listen more than you talk. Say what is important, not what you think the other person would like you to say. When you are playing the game of seduction, beware of making negative comments. Playing the fool may also act against you. The ground rule is to be cautious of what you say, just as in business.

Having Exceptional Skills For An Interview

When the reality show was coming to an end, having exceptional skills for an interview made the difference. The 4 last players passed through a series of interviews during the 14th episode. They were conducted by business leaders like Mr. Trump.

The round of interviews was revealing. Only 2 of the 4 players were able to stand in their feet. They endured and even surprised their counterparts. In the end, we can say that they had exceptional communication skills.

Thinking of a date as a sort of interview, this advice can be of most use. If you can go along easily and express your thoughts and your feelings, you have an important ground covered. If you can say what you think, and improvise easily, you will get the best results. Your rapport will improve, and you will get a deep connection with her.